Xtend Life Products: Are You Prepared For A Good Thing?

Considering the vast quantity of available health supplements, anti-aging merchandise, sexual health products, and skincare solutions – for both men and women – it’s hardly surprising shoppers have become so overwhelmed by choices and price tags.

All of the above-mentioned items are aimed at boosting health, fitness, sexual prowess, and attractiveness of those who buy them.

But knowing which of these products are really worth investing in, and actually, do what they say on the label, can be a challenging task, to say the least.

The big, well-known brand names can afford to spend millions on advertising and marketing promotions, but big doesn’t always mean better.

Regardless of a company’s size, their objective is the same, and that is to compel customers to buy their products and services over the competition.

Therefore it’s every man and woman for themselves when it comes to finding the right product among the masses, and that’s no walk in the park!

There’s a definite need to look beyond the outer layers of a sales pitch, advertising spiel, and eye-catching packaging.

Armed with a little knowledge on a company’s practices, and their product creation, will certainly turn a lay shopper into a savvy consumer, and that means much better-informed decisions can be made at the time of purchase.

So the most important thing for buyers to look out for in any of these companies is the transparency of their organization, and knowing how to cut to the chase when reading product labels.

But just as more methodical research and study is already being performed by many of today’s consumers (through self-education, and the sharing of information online etc.), the sneakier some companies become.

They learn how to carefully word, or mislead, shoppers by concealing the actual facts about the use of risky chemical substances that are consolidated directly into their everyday products.

Keeping on top of industry news can be a game of cat and mouse. Consumers learn that certain health products – professing to consist of only natural ingredients – are far from being as natural or as healthy as they claim to be.

The companies then employ smart new marketing tactics and launch fresh, impressive, and possibly deceptive claims, about their latest products in the ‘all natural’ range.

It’s not all bad though. As with so many things in this life, there are always exceptions to the rule somewhere.

Not all products are equal, and neither are the companies that produce them.

Some of those businesses with an online presence actually do provide consumers with full transparency of their working practices.

They genuinely care about the items they produce, and offer world class customer care, both pre and post-sale.

Their websites are an education on their own, and they give full details on those all-important ingredients that go into making their products.

One such company is called Xtend-Life.

This family owned business lives and breathes with real passion and conviction for its organization, the people who work for them, the quality products they produce, and of course, their all-important customers.

Xtend-Life has high business values, and manufacture health products of the finest quality.

Their range or beauty products have, and continue to, help thousands of people across the globe.

If you’ve never heard of them previously, then it’s quite likely that you’re eager to learn more about this open and innovative business.

Throughout this article we’ll give you an insight into the Xtend-Life company background, their values, their product range, and their excellent customer care etc.

A Brief Background on the Company

Way back in 1998, in the land of the Maori, aka New Zealand, the long term ideas of Warren Mathews, and his son Lance were put into action. It was the year when Xtend-Life came to fruition.

Today, this company is run by its founders Warren and Lance Mathews. This is a dedicated family owned private holding, where providing quality health products at reasonable prices are their core focus.

Exerting exceptional customer service is a given, and everything they say and do lives up to the company’s long standing mission statement:

“To offer the greatest products possible at a fair cost… while offering exceptional personal service”.

All aspects of product manufacturing are supervised by Xtend-Life. This means that nothing is produced on a license or contracted out elsewhere.

With the help of their in-house industry experts, a wide spectrum of top quality health supplements, anti-aging solutions, sexual health nutrients, and skincare products, are all created and manufactured in accordance with strict international standards.

The transparent characteristics of Xtend-Life make it clear that their products are made from only high quality, wholesome ingredients, sourced from around the world.

Types of Products Offered

Xtend-Life creates and manufacturers a comprehensive variety of health-related products.

These range from nutritional supplements to products exclusively developed for specific health problems.

Some examples of these are: diabetic issues, rheumatoid arthritis, stress and anxiety, cardiovascular disorders, and high cholesterol. Others include:

Sleeping Disorder Preparations: Quite often insomnia is caused by nutrient deficiency, stress, anxiety, and other health disorders.

The Xtend-Life supplements specifically created for insomnia can help to bring the body back into balance again, and that can mean a return to good sleeping habits.

Skin, Hair and Nail Care Preparations: Frequently, the cause of dry skin, dull hair, or flakey nails, is a deficiency in nutrients.

To nourish and rejuvenate the largest organ of the body – the skin – Xtend-Life has developed and manufactured a select line of natural skin, as well as hair and nail care solutions, for both men and women.

Sexual Health Supplements: Specifically in the loss of libido, hormone imbalances can and do influence sexual health for both men and women alike.

Xtend-Life has developed their sexual health product range to help rectify these hormonal imbalances in a natural way, while at the same time providing benefits to other health issues related to this area.

As you can see from above, the products manufactured by Xtend-Life are varied, and not all are shown here.

But all of their health and beauty ranges share one thing in common, and that is they are made from wholesome ingredients.

Visitors to the Xtend-Life website have every opportunity to read about each item at length.

This is useful because having detailed product information available means that online shoppers are able to make better-informed decisions prior to purchase.

Each Xtend-Life product page has six clickable areas that provide the following information to the consumer:

Product Description: For each product, Xtend-Life provides a fully detailed description, including what it’s used for and under what circumstances.

Ingredients: For every product, Xtend-Life provides a fact sheet of ingredients contained within that particular supplement.

FAQ: On the FAQ page, consumers will find an extensive list of frequently asked questions. These questions answer most of the queries consumers have posed to them on a particular product over time.

If the answer to your questions isn’t found here, you can simply send them an e-mail to Xtend-Life’s customer care department; communicate via their live support system, or call them on the phone.

Customer Comments: There’s nothing better than reading the reviews of other customers who give firsthand opinions on a given product.

View Label: The label shown by clicking this link is akin to reading the label on the product itself. The label displays directions for use, dosage, ingredients and supplements facts.

View Directions: From this link, you get details on servings per bottle, dosage per day, and directions for use.

Where Can Consumers Buy these Products?

Whether customers live in Malaysia, Europe, North America, or anywhere else on the planet, they can go to the official Xtend-Life website and browse through all the products available from there.

Once they find what they’re looking for, they can make a simple and secure purchase with a few simple mouse clicks.

Shipping: At the time of writing, Xtend-Life offers free shipping for purchases over $60 USD.

However, irrespective of where you’re located in the world, Xtend-Life has a flat rate shipping and handling fee of just $6.50 for purchases under $60 US.

Delivery: Orders are dispatched via New Zealand Post’s priority airmail.

It’s worth mentioning here too, that in the unlikely event that an order goes missing, there’s no risk to the consumer.

After a waiting period of approximately 15 days, a new package will be dispatched at no extra cost.

Exemplary Customer Care

The Xtend-Life company offers exceptional, personalized customer service.

At their website, easy-to-find details are available so that customers, or potential customers, can easily make contact with the friendly support staff.

Contact options include e-mail, live support, postal address, and telephone.

Toll-free: Xtend-Life have even had the foresight to set up toll-free numbers for those living in North America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Bangkok Office: For those living in Thailand, there’s also a Xtend-Life office in Bangkok. The details for this are displayed on their website, complete with postal address and telephone number(s).

Collect call: But if you happen to live in a country that doesn’t have access to the toll-free numbers, Xtend-Life is happy to take a collect call if requested.

Newsletters and Interactive Blog

Xtend-Life has a first-class newsletter that helps to keep their subscribers and customers informed of updates to their product range, news and views on new products, and much more.

You can choose from their weekly or monthly newsletter options.

This is a professional double-opt newsletter, so subscribers must verify their e-mail address in order to receive their copy.

Should you want to opt out at any time, then this can be done in seconds by following the opt-out link.

The Xtend-Life blog is updated regularly by company founder Warren Mathews and other staff members.

There’s a huge amount of useful information to be found here, with subjects covering industry related topics, pharmaceutical tidbits, Congress legislature, plus reports and snippets on health disorders, how to tackle them, and a whole lot more besides.

The Company Website

There’s no question of doubt that Xtend-Life provides every ounce of information available to web users on all of their products, and this includes details on the ingredients used in them.

This really is a very honest and open company.

Another interesting, and very helpful part of their website is the section that provides users with an insight into health concerns.

This information gives a better understanding of what a particular disorder is; its symptoms, causes, diagnosis, conventional treatments, and suggested products, and other underlying disorders to look out for that may be similar.

The Conclusion

If you’ve been looking on the internet previously for health and beauty products, then you will have come across a plethora of online companies offering nutritional supplements and skincare products.

Some of these businesses may also have excellent standards, but others fall well short in one way or another (see opening paragraphs).

Xtend-Life’s transparency, customer care, product quality, and content, along with their sheer compassion and determination to follow highly-set company values, makes this is one outfit where it’s a pleasure being a consumer.

Such devotion and dedication is quite a rarity in this particular industry, so it’s really nice when you come across a business that shows such care, consideration, and dedication to those who patronize them.

Xtend-Life has an extensive base of customers who come back time and again to replenish stocks or to order new products.

Of their own free will, these loyal customers continue to give rave reviews about the Xtend-Life products they’ve used and had good results with.

Xtend-Life does not overpromise and under-deliver, but always strives to over-deliver on their pledges.

So who wouldn’t be happy with their products and service? After all, an entire army of customers leaving rave reviews can’t all be wrong?

But don’t let this review sway you. Be your own judge; visit the Xtend-Life official website today, and browse through their comprehensive information.

There’s a very good chance you’ll be glad you found them.

Even if you don’t need to purchase supplements or skin care preparations right now, bookmark the Xtend-Life site for future use, sign up for their newsletter, and stay updated on ways to improve and maintain your health – the natural way

Why Do People Prefer to Buy Xtend Life Products

There are numerous reasons why so many people buy supplemental health products.

For some, it’s the awareness that they are not getting all the nutritional benefits their body needs from food alone.

So by replacing essential vitamins and minerals with supplements, seems to be a logical way to maintain a healthy body and boost energy levels.

Others purchase dietary nutrients to target specific health conditions.

Unfortunately, for many lay consumers of these items, they might not always be getting what they pay for.

Therefore, a little knowledge on the subject is crucial if one is to make a better informed decision prior to purchase.

The remainder of this article highlights other reasons why growing numbers of people are shopping for quality health products, and explains what to look out for, and what to avoid.

Natural Wholesome Ingredients

There are countless vitamin supplements available on the market from many different manufacturers.

For the lay consumer this can be quite challenging as they try to fathom which ones to choose and those to avoid.

After all, the sales spiel will read well on any product label, but that doesn’t always mean everything is as it appears.

Indeed, the labels and list of ingredients on supplement packaging can be deceptive and difficult to understand for most people, especially those who are new to the world of health supplements.

All they really see is information telling them that a certain supplement provides them with various vitamins and minerals, and by taking them they get to improve and enhance their overall health.

Trusting all that you read is not really a very good way to choose a supplement that is intended to benefit your health.

Some manufacturers aren’t quite as cautious as they should be when it comes to sourcing good quality ingredients for their health products.

Other manufacturers are very careful about the way they word their ingredients lists.

Some play down the chemical compounds and synthetically created vitamins and minerals their products may contain.

That’s not to say they’re lying, or breaking any laws, but only revealing what they have to or need to, in the name of business

By comparison, Xtend Life uses only bioavailable ingredients that are of the best possible quality.

Bioavailable means the extent to which the supplement becomes available by a specific tissue or target organ after its administration.

The research and development team at Xtend Life does their utmost to ensure that the right balance of ingredients is used in order to maximize effectiveness.

Specialized Formulations

Another reason why the Xtend Life product range stands out from their competitors is because they are specially formulated in a way that helps customers achieve the health benefits they desire.

For example, their top quality Omega 3 fish oil range contains more than 2.5 times the concentrated amount of anti-inflammatory properties than any other products around (at the time or writing).

The team at Xtend Life makes sure they only use the freshest fish, caught in the purest waters possible.

This helps to safeguard their ingredients from any toxins or pollutants that can be present in poorer waters.

Knowing that the fish oil used won’t contain any heavy metals, such as mercury or lead, is comforting for their customers.

Xtend Life’s Omega 3 fish oil eliminates the risk to health because they don’t include sub-standard ingredients in any products from their range.

Furthermore, their health products are specifically formulated to suit the individual needs of men, women, and children.

The key to good health is finding ways to get the right balance of nutrients our bodies require.

And because the bodies of men, women, and children all necessitate slightly different levels of vitamins and minerals, it’s important to seek out age and gender-specific supplements that will be most beneficial to you.

Xtend Life is only too aware of this, and so make sure they cater to those requirements unequivocally.

Uncompromising Quality

The people behind Xtend Life are determined to offer their customers only the best possible quality available.

This starts within their registered and audited manufacturing base in Christchurch, New Zealand, built to abide by the strict local Environmental Health Licensing standards.

All manufacturing practices carried out at Xtend Life, have also had extensive hazard analysis critical control point programs initiated.

This ensures that the quality of all products created is stringently controlled at all times.

The attention to detail with regards to quality extends to every individual ingredient used in all their products as well.

Every raw ingredient is acquired from the purest possible sources so as to reduce any risk of contamination or toxins.

This includes everything, from bio-available natural ingredients used in supplements, to the best quality fish, caught in the purest of waters, for use in their Omega 3 fish oil range.

All materials received are first tested for quality and potency.

This filtering process allows them to select only the most effective active ingredients for their products.

In other words, only active ingredients with solid clinical evidence supporting their effectiveness will find their way into the merchandise made by Xtend Life.

Stringent Testing

The team at Xtend Life conducts stringent testing on each and every raw ingredient they use in their products.

This is done to ensure there are no heavy metals in the base ingredients, and no risk of micro-biological contamination.

Anything that doesn’t meet their stringent requirements for quality is immediately discarded.

Additionally, they conduct tests for potency. This allows them to confirm that any active ingredients included in their products really are used at the correct quantities so as to improve effectiveness.

These tests are conducted by an independent laboratory that has been government GMP certified, GMP meaning ‘good manufacturing practice’, which is a production and testing practice that helps to guarantee a quality end product.

Xtend Life’s high quality standards ensure that all their products, from vitamin supplements, to their skin care products, and even their Omega 3 fish oil, are always of the very best quality possible.

The No Risk Guarantee

If you’re really not impressed by the Xtend Life products you bought, you can send them back to the manufacturer and request a full refund on the purchase price.

The people at Xtend Life are so confident that you’ll be delighted with the results you achieve, that this guarantee extends for a full year after your purchase.

Direct Delivery

Xtend Life health products are available to purchase directly from their website.

Their online store is completely secure, meaning you can shop with confidence, and be assured that your confidential information is always kept strictly private.

Once your order has been received, Xtend Life will package it the next business day and ship it directly to your door.

In fact, any orders exceeding $60 will be delivered free of any shipping charges.

This level of convenience makes it very easy to replenish your Xtend Life merchandise.

Shopping online, along with fast delivery times, means you should never run out in your supply of Xtend Life products.

If you’re concerned about your health, then you really owe it to yourself to look for the best products you can find, and it won’t be too long before you begin to improve the way you feel and function as a person.

With so many positive reasons to buy Xtend Life products, don’t you owe it to your health to at least try some of these and see the results for yourself?