Xtend Life Vitamins: Superior Optimal Health

Choosing the right vitamin supplements can make a huge difference to the overall improvement of your health.

But with so many choices out there, you do need a little knowledge if you’re to purchase the best quality products with confidence.

Quality, in this case, refers to those supplements which provide the essential nutrients your body needs to function optimally.

Eating healthily, all of the time, is quite a balancing act for a lot of busy folks. For the majority of people, it’s almost impossible to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals they need from diet alone.

For this reason, it’s important to seek out reliable supplements that contain natural ingredients, and as few synthetic chemicals as possible.

Even if you are eating plenty of food that contains vitamins, minerals, essential acids, and nutrients, how can you be certain your body is getting sufficient amounts of each?

There are, however, some great power-foods around which have huge vitamin benefits that a lot of people are unaware of.

These food types can really give your vitamin intake a boost.

Take spinach as an example. It’s like a vitamin pill all on its own. Spinach is high in fiber and contains numerous anti-oxidants.

From this one plant food you will get folate, carotenoids, vitamins A, B1, B6, C, E, K, co-enzyme Q10, chlorophyll, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, potassium, and protein.

That’s pretty impressive stuff coming from a leaf.

Unfortunately though, you would need to eat enormous amounts of spinach for your body to get enough of each of those nutrients.

Let’s face it, not everyone can stand to eat huge quantities of spinach three times a day, every single day of the year.

This is why including a quality vitamin supplement into our daily diet is a great way to compromise, and to make sure you’re not missing out on those all-important vitamins and minerals.

It’s worth noting that not all supplements are made in the same way, or use the same ingredients.

So the challenge here is to find a quality range of supplements that provide your body with the additional nutrients it needs.

Choosing the Right Vitamins

The only surefire way to choose the best possible multi-vitamin supplement is to understand how the ingredients are obtained.

For example, if you find a product that claims the use of ‘whole food’ ingredients to acquire its vitamins, you need to think about what they’re stating very carefully.

This is because ‘whole food’ per se, is a consumer-friendly way for manufacturers to say that the ingredients used have been grown using bio-technology.

This may include the use of chemical fertilizers, and growth enhancers, to produce the whole foods they want.

From there, they extract the isolated vitamins or minerals that they need to add into their supplements.

Let’s imagine for a moment that a supplement manufacturer wants to get plenty of folic acid out of whole spinach.

To do this, they grow the entire plant and then isolate the cells they need, which means the ingredient going into the supplement is no longer a whole food.

This is a waste of a perfectly good plant when you think of how spinach contains a complex array of so many other important vitamins and minerals.

Furthermore, those isolated vitamins the producers want are extracted using petrochemicals.

Using chemical products derived from petroleum isn’t exactly a ‘natural’ approach to a healthy lifestyle.

You can avoid this with a little knowledge.

In this case, that means ensuring the vitamins you choose are created using bio-available ingredients, and contain as few artificial ingredients as possible.

The Health Benefits of Multi-Xtra Vitamins

As pointed out earlier, it’s almost unfeasible to suggest we can derive all the vitamins and minerals the human body needs from a western-style diet alone.

Even those people who strive to eat wholly organic foods, still struggle to maintain the healthy levels of nutrients they need from meals.

The main issues we have are simply due to industrialization.

This includes mineral deficiencies within soil, water pollution, chemical fertilizers, and growth hormone, or GH, added to modern farming methods, plus the use of poisonous pesticides and herbicides.

All these things and more, contribute to a decline in the level of nutrition within our food.

Thankfully, not every manufacturer of supplements does things in the same way.

Xtend Life Multi-Xtra range of vitamins contains 48 bio-available ingredients, designed specifically to help provide your body with everything it needs to stay as healthy as possible.

These products also contain anti-oxidants, which are important for helping the body to fight free radicals (molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage).

Fortunately, we have highly respected and trustworthy company called ‘Xtend Life’ to rely on.

The selection of vitamin supplements available from this family owned business is renowned for its excellence.

Xtend Life only uses natural ingredients for its entire range.

In fact, their options in supplements are quite specialized as they are designed to suit people with very specific needs.

Xtend Life vitamins are high quality supplements. They’re designed to top up the nutrients that so many of us lack in our regular meals.

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet, is often easier said than done. Shopping for fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and legumes, isn’t always possible or practical with everyone for various reasons.

Aside from the obvious foods above, we also need to make sure we’re getting plenty of dietary fiber and a balanced amount of quality protein too.

And let’s not forget those healthy sources of essential amino acids, such as Omega 3 fatty acids.

The Unique Range Total Balance Vitamins

While the Multi-Xtra supplements contain plenty of beneficial vitamins and minerals, there is another range of vitamins which is far more specialized.

This Total Balance range is individually created for men or women. This is because there are distinctive nutritional requirements for males and females, so Xtend Life caters to those needs by producing gender-specific supplements.

The main differences between the sexes are hormonal in nature. These gender-specific supplements help to balance hormones in the different sexes, thus resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

The Total Balance Women’s supplement is created using optimal levels of bio-active ingredients, including very specialized herbal extracts suited to a woman’s bodily requirements.

These ingredients help to reduce many of the primary causes of aging, along with balancing and stabilizing hormone levels.

Taking Total Balance women’s supplements regularly can provide effective relief from PMS symptoms and mood swings, both of which can result from a hormonal imbalance.

Women experiencing menopausal symptoms may also notice a reduction in the severity of the symptoms they suffer from.

These include, but are not limited to, reducing hot flushes, mood swings, emotional distress, and headaches.

The vitamins included within the Total Balance Women’s Premium supplement also help to improve the effectiveness of major organs within the body.

This advanced women’s health product contains 96 bio-active ingredients, and goes a long way at helping the major organs to function optimally again.

Furthermore, they can to slow down the rate at which your body breaks down collagen and elastin, which are the biggest cause of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

The overall effect of taking high quality vitamins such as these, show results by way of a healthier body and an improvement in the general feeling of wellbeing.

These effects are visible too because there should also be a marked improvement with your skin tone over time.

Total Balance Men’s vitamins are also specifically created to address the various deficiencies that males have to contend with.

Xtend Life have included a wide range of highly specialized ingredients, nutrients, and herbal extract in this product, all of which help to increase the body’s natural testosterone levels.

This can be beneficial for improving prostate health and increasing libido. The bio-active ingredients also help to enhance cardiovascular function and work at protecting brain function.

The product also contains powerful antioxidants, which are known to fight free radicals and slow down all of the five major aging processes.

The overall result of taking Total Balance Men’s vitamins should mean a more positive outlook, an improvement in general wellbeing, and a more youthful appearance overall.

Men who take these supplements tend to lead a more active lifestyle and get to enjoy an improved sex life too.

When your body is given the right nutrients to function properly, it really is easy to look and feel great at any age.

If you’re enthusiastic about enjoying a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle, then the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to select a range of high quality vitamins.

Xtend Life Total Balance: Do You Really Need It?

If you’re currently searching for a good quality vitamin supplement as a means of improving your health, then there’s a good chance that you know your current diet is lacking in nutrients somewhere.

After all, the vast majority of North Americans eat an incredibly nutrient-deficient diet, due mainly to the sheer volume of packaged and processed foods available on every street corner.

On top of this, there’s also the problem of how most food is produced these days, including many items that we think of as ‘fresh’ and ‘healthy’.

Farmers protect their crops using harsh chemical pesticides and herbicides, which then get into the foods we eat.

Additionally, these chemical farming practices encourage crops to grow faster, and they increase yield sizes by using chemically-produced fertilizers and growth hormones.

Once again, these things enter the foods we eat, and that’s not a good thing!

Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is a great start, because your body can derive a lot of beneficial nutrients from these types of food.

However, if the food you eat is already treated with a chemical cocktail of additives and preservatives, then you’re not really getting as much goodness from it as you might think you are.

Even if you believe you’re eating a really healthy diet, can you be so certain your body is receiving all the right nutrients it needs in order to function at its best?

The Effects of Nutrient Deficiencies

A large number of clinical studies over the years have shown conclusive evidence that many serious health conditions and illnesses around today, could have been prevented with a nutritionally-balanced diet and a healthy amount of regular exercise.

Our vital organs need essential vitamins and minerals if they’re to function properly. And our brain needs access to nutrients in order to keep working at its best.

After all, the brain is what triggers other organs within the body to release certain hormones that we need.

This includes the hormones that help us combat stress and regulate moods.

Even our skin – the body’s largest organ – needs access to the right balance of nutrients if it’s to keep regenerating new cells.

The aging process is also affected by nutritional deficiencies.

An ongoing lack of nourishment causes cells to age and skin to lose its elasticity faster if the body doesn’t have the right fuel to regenerate these things.

Fortunately, most people are aware nowadays of the need to take vitamin supplements at some point in their lives.

What many people aren’t aware though is the fact that not all vitamin and mineral supplements offer the same health benefits, despite what they might claim on the labels.

Finding the Best Quality Health Products

When you start searching for health supplements to add to your diet, you will probably check the list of vitamins and minerals each supplement contains.

Most people typically look for vitamins A, B group, C, D, E, and other things like folate, niacin, thiamine, iron, magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

As long as the label says you’re getting these things, the supplement should be fine – right? Well no, not quite!

Unfortunately, casting an eye over a list of vitamins and minerals isn’t the right way to check for quality in a health supplement. It might seem logical, but really it’s not, as you are about to read.

The key thing here is to work out where the ingredients were sourced, and whether natural items were used to create the supplements.

Get this right, and you reduce the level of potentially harmful chemicals you put into your body, and increase the health benefits you receive.

Manufacturers in the supplement industry are well aware of what people look at when shopping for their products.

Many of them use misleading terms to make their merchandise sound better than it actually is.

You might come across something like ‘whole food’ ingredients, when glancing over the label of a particular brand of multivitamin.

It certainly sounds good, and the makers know it will have people believe that decent, natural ingredients are used in their products.

However, not all is as it seems! What the term ‘whole food’ ingredients really denotes, is that their supplements are created using bio-technology to artificially grow the foods they need for their supplements.

For example, let’s say they grow avocados for their high levels of vitamin E. They’ll protect these plants as they are growing using chemical herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

They’ll likely want a huge crop too, so they’ll fertilize it using chemical concoctions to give them a better yield.

Once the food is harvested, they then isolate the individual vitamin they want for their product.

To achieve this, they have to take out of the whole food and extract the elements they need using a process that involves petrochemicals.

That’s a shame when you consider that avocados are also rich in dietary fiber and contain a complex synergy of other beneficial vitamins, including potassium, magnesium, lutein and oleic acid.

This is no longer a whole food, but a synthetically isolated portion of what used to be a healthy whole food.

They put a mixture of those isolated vitamins together as a ‘health’ supplement and label the ingredients as ‘whole food’. It really is misleading to the lay shopper of supplements.

If you’re really serious about only using the best quality health supplements, always look for the term ‘bio-available’ ingredients.

Ideally, you should also look for supplements that have an enteric coating as well.

What this state of the art coating does is protect the supplement from your stomach’s digestive acids, thus giving your body time to absorb the beneficial nutrients it needs.

Why Use Total Balance Nutritional Supplements?

Despite the exceptionally high quality of the Xtend Life Total Balance products, there are still those who are dubious about whether multi-vitamins will be good for them or not.

After all, there has been some bad press on this in recent years, with some reports saying the only thing you get from taking vitamin supplements is expensive urine.

Xtend Life Total Balance Supplements are a cut above the rest.

They’re specifically created using just natural, bio-available ingredients. This is the only way to really increase the health benefits for the end user.

Xtend Life utilizes the most advanced technology, and only the most specialized nutrients are included in their range.

This ensures that their customers get all the key components essential for good overall health.

In addition to the above, the nutrients included within these high-grade supplements, also contain specific elements that address all five of the major causes of aging.

If your diet is currently deficient in those particular nutrients, you may find that your body is aging faster than it really ought to be.

This can be addressed by taking supplements that help to restore any essential vitamins and minerals that you might be lacking.

The research and development team at Xtend Life has created individual Total Balance products for men and for women.

This is due to the difference in essential vitamins, minerals, and essential acids that each gender needs in order to maintain peak levels of health.

A good example of this is to make certain women receive sufficient nutrients to help counteract potential hormonal imbalances.

Deficiencies in some vitamins can actually make symptoms of PMS much worse than they need to be.

The same is true for menopausal symptoms, including depression, irritability, and mood swings.

By comparison, men often need different levels of vitamins in order to keep their testosterone levels within healthy ranges.

This can vastly improve their moods, as well as give them a better sex drive.

For these reasons and many others, as you decide which Xtend Life Total Balance product will suit you best, always consider opting for a gender-specific supplement, as these are better formulated to suit you and your body.

Primary Reason To Choose Xtend Life Supplements

The whole point of taking vitamin and mineral supplements is to provide your body with the nutrients it needs in order to function properly.

If you’re considering taking vitamin supplements at all, then you’re probably already aware that your current diet is lacking in those essential nutrients.

For many years now, researchers have made definite links to nutrient deficiencies within patients that have developed chronic health problems.

There have also been many extensive studies that demonstrate how nutrient deficiencies can increase the risk of developing a plethora of serious health conditions.

Despite all the available information on this, so many North Americans continue to consume the types of food that is severely lacking in the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies require in order to stay fit and healthy.

The way to compensate for this nutritional loss is by way of vitamin supplements.

When taken correctly, these supplements help to bridge that gap between the unwholesome foods we eat and the nutrients we need.

So just how do you find the right vitamin and mineral supplements required for your dietary intake? And is it even possible to get all of the nutrients we need from a healthy diet anyway?

Vitamins and Minerals the Natural Way

Some people try hard to get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals they need by modifying their regular diet.

They attempt to find tasty meals that include fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, healthy sources of protein, and plenty of fiber.

This is a great way to help nourish a body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best.

A simple power food, such as spinach, is like a vitamin pills all on its own. Spinach is high in fiber and contains high levels of anti-oxidants, but there’s more.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as containing folate, vitamins A, B1, B6, C, E, K, co-enzyme Q10, Omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, potassium, carotenoids, and plant-based protein.

So adding spinach into your regular recipes can help provide your body with small doses of all of these essential nutrients.

Broccoli is another food that is akin to taking a vitamin pill. It contains healthy levels of chromium, which is the mineral that actively protects our bodies against obesity and diabetes.

Broccoli is also high in fiber and contains lots of anti-oxidants. It also has plenty of vitamin B, C, phosphorus, carotenoids, potassium, calcium and plant-based protein.

Try to find ways to add broccoli into your meals a few times a week if you can.

You’ve most probably heard that garlic is good for you too, but do you know just how beneficial it can be towards good health?

Garlic is great for increasing your vitamin and mineral intake through natural diet. Studies have shown that garlic can be instrumental in reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes.

Garlic also contains strong anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties too, so it’s an excellent little bulb for helping to strengthen your immune system.

In addition to the above, garlic also contains plenty of vitamin A, B, B2, C, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, selenium and plant-based protein.

It really is worth trying to add garlic into your meals on a regular basis.

Onions are yet another excellent natural source of essential nutrients, and are used as a staple base ingredient in many cuisines around the world.

Onions also contain some very powerful anti-oxidants, as well as being one of the world’s best sources of two essential phytonutrients we need in order to maintain good health.

Furthermore, they contain excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and are also effective at helping to reduce cholesterol levels.

Eating fresh fish regularly is extremely important for anyone looking to get plenty of essential nutrients into their diet.

Omega 3 fatty acids are found almost exclusively in seafood, and researchers have indicated that Americans with an Omega 3 deficiency are far more likely to struggle with obesity, as well as face an increased risk of developing some very serious health conditions.

But not everyone is able to eat fresh fish or seafood several times a week, either because they detest its taste, or the price of fresh fish is just too high for many folks.

If you’re willing and able to include these nutrient-rich foods into your meals on a very regular basis, along with many of the other fresh vegetables and fruits available to you, then you will notice a marked improvement in your health over time.

Not everyone likes the idea of eating these types of foods every day of their life though, just so they can get their vitamin intake levels up.

Aside from this, it’s not always possible to get the freshest ingredients just when you need them.

The other drawback for busy people is that it will require more trips to the stores if you’re to continually replenish your super fresh food supplies.

This is where vitamin supplements can come in so incredibly useful.

Choosing the Best Natural Supplements

If you really want to ensure your body’s receiving the right amounts of vitamins and minerals that it needs to stay healthy, then you may want to consider investing in a range of high quality supplements.

This will make sure you get the health benefits you want quickly and effortlessly. It also means you’re not missing out on any of the essential nutrients your body needs in order to function at its best.

Good quality supplements are balanced in the right amounts of everything, and that’s great news for busy people.

By taking supplements, you don’t have to worry about whether you’re getting enough of this mineral, or that vitamin, from food alone.

There’s an absolute plethora of vitamin supplements available on the market for you to choose from.

But before you buy any brand based on the price tag, there are some important things you should think about first.

If you’re genuinely serious about gaining significant health benefits from taking supplements, then you should always look for products that contain ‘bio-available’ ingredients.

Basically, what this means is that the vitamins and minerals within the supplements are taken from natural ingredients using natural processes.

Don’t be fooled by labels that say ‘whole food ingredients’.

This is often used as a tricky marketing ploy to make you believe the ingredients are good; but it’s not as simple as that!

What they don’t tell you is that ‘whole foods’ actually means the ingredients were grown under bio-industrial conditions, grown and fed with chemical fertilizers, and protected by chemical pesticides and herbicides.

When those ‘whole foods’ are ready, they’re then processed using petrochemicals to extract whatever nutrients they want to add to their supplements.

This isn’t exactly the healthy type of supplement you want to put into your own body.

World Revered Health Supplements

Xtend Life supplements contain only the best quality bio-available ingredients.

Each type of supplement available is carefully formulated to ensure it contains the correct levels of vitamins and minerals needed to maximize the benefits of a precise dosage.

For example, Xtend Life offers gender-specific supplements, designed to benefit the individual needs of men and women.

The bodies of males and females have quite different nutritional requirements, so if they’re to function optimally, the supplements must cater to those needs specifically.

Xtend Life also ensures that all their supplements are created using state of the art enteric coating.

This allows your body to extract the maximum levels of nutrients from each supplement, and without your stomach’s natural digestive acids interfering with the delivery process.

It also makes sure you derive the best possible health benefits from taking supplements.

If you’re keen to improve your health, you really owe it to yourself to look for the finest vitamin and mineral supplements available today.

Do a little research yourself on the range of supplements offered by Xtend Life, and you’ll soon come to realise this is a leading edge company supplying world class health products.

Solid Reasons To Use Xtend Life Total Balance Products

There have been many studies conducted all over the world to determine the effects of nutrient deficiencies within people.

In fact, researchers have indicated that many of our society’s chronic health problems could potentially be averted with a healthy balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

No news there of course, but much easier said than done without knowing how to find that ‘balance’

Our bodies are complex organisms, with each organ designed to work in synergistic balance with the rest of our bodily functions.

Yet when our bodies are deprived of certain nutrients, some of those vital organs aren’t able to function in the way they’re supposed to do.

A prime example of this is the obesity epidemic, something that’s getting worse with each generation.

Researchers indicate that many people struggling with obesity may have multiple nutrient deficiencies.

These deficiencies could be responsible for them not being able to lose weight as effectively as those who are well-nourished.

The long term effects of nutrient deficiencies could also lead to a myriad of other serious, and potentially fatal, health problems.

These would include an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, and a plethora of other harmful conditions besides.

Improving Health and Well-Being Naturally

Improving your overall health is much easier when you get to know your own body.

Sadly, a lot of people have no idea whether they’re receiving the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients their body needs to function at its optimum.

Many do try to make positive changes to their daily diet, simply by including healthier food options on their plates in an attempt to reduce the risk of developing potential health problems.

Typical changes to eating habits require finding tasty new recipes that contain plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

It might be adding salads as a side dish to your main meals to replace fries.

Even small changes to your diet can help the body get more of the nutrients it needs to function properly.

But for optimal results, bigger adjustments to diet and lifestyle are usually necessary.

In other words, we’re looking at a lifestyle change here.

The key to achieving real health benefits through diet is to find a way to include the right balance of all the nutrients your body needs.

This could mean adding beans to your meals so as to increase the amount of B-group vitamins you get.

Or you might try adding vibrant-looking spinach leaves to your recipes to acquire the multitude of vitamins and minerals this healthy Asian plant contains.

Adding garlic and onion into your meals is also a good idea as both of these contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Broccoli is an excellent source of chromium, which is known to protect the body against obesity and diabetes.

The list is endless, yet so few of us truly understand what we’re putting into our mouths at meal times.

Even though you may be adding a good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables into your daily diet, you still need to ensure that you’re getting the right balance of nutrients if you’re to reap all the health benefits that are delivered to us by eating well.

You may also want to consider including a little extra physical activity into your days.

Coupled with a nutritious diet, regular exercise really does contribute towards keeping your body as healthy as possible.

Even a small amount of regular activity each week (just 20 minutes a day), has shown to improve blood circulation and help to stabilize blood pressure.

Can Vitamin Supplements Really Help?

If you’re someone who is looking for multi-vitamin supplements in order to help you achieve a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals, it’s likely that you’re aware there is something lacking from your current diet.

Today’s food industry makes it pretty tough for consumers who are trying to find ways of getting the right balance of nutrients into their daily intake.

Even when you think you’re making healthy food choices, there are other considerations that you might not be aware of, namely soil degradation and modern farming practices.

What this means is that even with healthy food choices, essential nutrients are probably being stripped from food we consider wholesome and natural.

Those folks who are more aware of these things are among the ones who decide to take multi-vitamins on a regular basis.

Total Balance Supplements

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your body receives the correct amounts of essential nutrients is to take a high quality supplement.

This is an excellent way to guarantee getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals you need for enhancing your health, especially if you know your diet might be lacking in sustenance.

Of course, it’s important to ensure that you choose a supplement that is specifically formulated to benefit each gender individually.

This is because men and women’s bodies are designed to create differing levels of the various hormones from the foods we consume.

For example, women require slightly higher levels of phytoestrogens (estrogen-like chemicals found in plant foods), from their food sources to help regulate the reproductive system.

It’s also important that women receive healthy amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids.

A deficiency in these things could result with an increase in PMS and menopausal symptoms.

Likewise, men need to generate more testosterone than women do.

For this reason, they require slightly more monounsaturated fats than their female counterparts.

These can be found in seafood, avocados and olives. Men also require more zinc than women.

For these reasons, it’s vitally important that the multi-vitamin ranges you choose are designed to benefit your body specifically, and have the right level of nutrients you need in order to stay healthy.

Xtend Life’s range of Total Balance supplements are formulated to suit men, women and children independently.

The team at Xtend Life is keenly aware of the importance for each of us to attain the right balance of nutrients in order to enhance overall health.

This is what led them to create such highly specialized supplements for their customers.

All of the supplements in the Total Balance range are created using enteric coating.

This is a specially produced coating that allows for greater absorption of the essential nutrients into your system, and without your digestive acids interfering in the process.

Additionally, each supplement contains specialized nutrients that help to address all five of the major causes of aging, which are: free radicals, glycation, methylatio, inflammation, and DNA degeneration.

Moreover, Total Balance supplements provide all the balanced components you need for good overall health.

Xtend Life strives to ensure that all ingredients used within their Total Balance supplements are as natural as possible.

They use bio-available ingredients that are exclusively formulated by their R&D manufacturing base in Christchurch, New Zealand.

You just won’t find better quality health supplements anywhere else on the market.