Xtend Life Products: Are You Prepared For A Good Thing?

The key to good maintaining good health is to ensure your body is getting all of the vital nutrients it needs in order to function optimally.

Unfortunately, for most Americans, the typical western diet that so many consume doesn't usually fulfill these nutritional needs.

In the modern day, we're faced with an abundance of processed foods, pre-packaged groceries, and food grown with the assistance of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

This often means that even the so called 'fresh' foods have had many of the nutrients stripped from them.

Add to this the fact that most pre-prepared foods are filled with artificial sweeteners and preservatives, and it's easy to see why most Americans suffer from nutritional deficiencies and the health complications that come with that.

Medical and clinical research has shown time and again that the vast majority of serious health conditions could potentially be avoided.

Various nutritional deficiencies can be responsible for a frighteningly large range of health problems and complaints.

Some of the better known ones include:

  • Heart disease (still one of the biggest killers in the US)
  • Stroke (serious condition where the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off)
  • Type 2 diabetes (a condition where the body becomes insulin resistant)
  • High cholesterol (can narrow arteries, and trigger heart attacks, & stroke)
  • High blood pressure (a disorder where blood pressure remains dangerously high)
  • Inflammation (reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful swelling)

And many more besides.

The key to really improving your health and to potentially fending off some of these serious conditions is to find ways to address those nutritional deficiencies.

Choosing Multi-Vitamins That Actually Work

There are so many different multi-vitamin products available on the market that it can be near on impossible to know which ones to choose from, especially if you're a first time buyer.

At least they all seem to contain very similar vitamins and minerals going by the packaging.

Not surprising then that most people just pick out a brand at random, and assume they're doing the right thing by taking these supplements as suggested on the labels.

Unfortunately, and quite unbeknown to many, there is a vast difference in the level of quality between supplements.

For example, some items are synthetically produced, meaning they're created using a chemical cocktail of artificial ingredients to simulate vitamins.

There are some companies that advertise the use of 'whole food' ingredients in their products.

This simply means the base ingredients are actually whole foods, but that isn't the same as being organic.

Some of these crops are grown using chemical fertilizers and other artificial enhancers.

The individual vitamins and minerals the manufacturers want to use in their supplements are first isolated, then extracted, and then mass-produced using petrochemicals (chemical products derived from petroleum).

Think about this for a moment. If you isolate the vitamin C component from a whole food ingredient, such as an orange, you may be using its pulp and juice.

Extracting just one component of an entire food can't be done manually, so it gets done artificially, using chemical processes.

Needless to say, these still don't offer the ideal health benefits you're trying to achieve.

Ninety percent of the vitamin C in an orange comes from just under its skin. Oranges also have a complex mixture of more than 60 flavonoids and antioxidants.

They also contain 150 different phytochemicals (chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants), as well as plenty of folic acid and high levels of dietary fiber.

By isolating and extracting just that one vitamin to add to a supplement, there's a whole synergy of goodness being overlooked right there.

Xtend Life is a company whose entire range of products includes the highest quality nutritional supplements around.

These are designed to improve and enhance good overall health.

Aside from this, the bio-available ingredients used to make their products, are specifically formulated to help reduce the risks of developing many health issues and conditions.

Using bio-available ingredients means that these supplements are more easily absorbed and utilized by the body, thus allowing all the essential nutrients get to all the right places.

This reduces the risk of ingesting potentially harmful chemicals, and also ensures your body gets the nutritional benefits it needs in order to function at its best.

Before you choose any brand of multi-vitamin supplement, always double check the label.

See if you can find out where the ingredients came from, and how the supplements were manufactured.

Harmful Effects of Nutrient Deficiencies

Type 2 diabetes has been classified as an epidemic within the U.S.A. It's estimated that more than 26 million Americans are already diabetic, with a further 57 million considered to be in a pre-diabetic state.

This type of diabetes is considered to be a 'lifestyle disease', meaning it never had to happen.

It's one more of those 'preventable' conditions that we know about, yet somehow believe this is something that happens to others.

Living a healthy lifestyle, to include consuming the right level of nutrients to fuel the body, is all it takes to vastly reduce the risk of getting this disorder.

Research shows that the majority of type 2 diabetics have deficiencies in chromium and magnesium.

Many other important vitamins and minerals are also needed in order to keep the internal organs functioning effectively.

Unfortunately for consumers, the food industry has other ideas!

With careful packaging and clever advertising campaigns, they are able to lead people into believing that it's fine to continue eating nutritionally deficient, pre-packaged, or processed foods.

The consequence of eating this kind of food as part of a regular diet is the alarming increase in the number of serious health conditions that people develop.

Aside from this, a body that doesn't get enough vital nutrients tends to go through the aging process much faster too.

This is why finding a top quality range of multi-vitamin supplements is so beneficial to good health and wellbeing.

Selecting the right products can reduce the risks of getting many of these conditions.

Sourcing the Best Vitamin Supplements

It's important to seek out products that feature an enteric coating wherever you can.

This makes sure the digestive acids in your stomach don't interfere with the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs until you've had time to absorb them properly.

Put another way, an enteric coating prevents the release of the nutrients before they reach the small intestine.

You should also be on the lookout for natural ingredients wherever possible as this ensures your body is getting the very best from a supplement.

The range of Xtend Life products contains all of these things.

They constantly strive to create individual supplements designed to suit different health needs and concerns.

For this reason, you'll find products that offer a complete range of nutritional supplements, all of which support and promote good health.

You'll also find specialized health supplements that offer an additional boost for people wanting to target specific health concerns.